Financial Policies

Payment Timing

We strive to keep our fees as low as possible. One of the ways we can keep our fees affordable, is by requiring payment prior to surgery, allowing us to avoid the high cost of non-payment which would eventually be passed on to paying patients.

Credit Cards

Another way we strive to keep our fees affordable is to avoid the high transaction cost of some credit cards. We accept almost all major credit cards. Unfortunately we are not able to accept American Express.


We don't barter. It's just too complicated.


We are occasionally asked if we offer discounts, such as cash discounts, or two people coming in together, or a friend of your neighbor's grandmother, and so on. Our fees are already discounted. Everyone gets the same good-neighbor, best-friend, I-knew-your-grandpa discount. Sorry, we don't budge on that.

Payment Plans

We work primarily with Prosper Healthcare Lending. CLICK HERE to find out more about them.