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Dr. Lensink and his staff want to welcome you to their premier surgical practice as one of the family. Plastic Surgery isn’t just about surgical detail and medical prowess, but the artistic ability and passion your plastic surgeon has for a craft that is supported by high-quality patient care. These factors all blend to create a comforting and warm environment here at Dr. Daniel B. Lensink’s office. You will receive comprehensive treatment all the while knowing that your concerns are heard, understood and put into practice.

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The Beginning of Our Practice

When he began his surgical practice in Redding, Dr. Lensink wanted to fulfill a need for an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon who created solutions and understood the community and aesthetic desires of patients. Redding and the surrounding cities were the perfect place for Dr. Lensink and his family to settle down and immerse themselves into a tight-knit community, with people that wanted to maintain their youth, enhance their vision and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Dr. Lensink and his family are now a part of this growing and supportive community and love the people that make up this group, so much so that he continually hopes to bring them joy through his work each day.

About Us

What We Do

Before Dr. Lensink moved to Redding, there were no fellowship trained specialists that focused on reconstructive and cosmetic oculoplastic surgery anywhere in far Northern California from Nevada to the Pacific Ocean. Our surgical practice focuses entirely on patient care first, as Dr. Lensink believes in getting to know you personally and understanding that magical piece of information that will help him enhance your confidence and lifestyle.

We are strategic problem-solvers that focus on your concerns with a caring hand. When you share your concerns with us, we will listen to the issue, take detailed notes, and find creative, safe and effective ways to correct the problem.

When Dr. Lensink first began his practice, he focused on providing reconstructive oculofacial plastic surgical solutions that enhanced the look of the face, improved eye and eyelid health, and expanded field of vision. Today, while these offerings are still at the core of our practice, Dr. Lensink has expanded into and perfected the world of naturally appearing cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical results that don’t look overdone. You deserve real and true results that not only add to your natural beauty but also offer balance and internal happiness that work together to better your world.

Every treatment and procedure offered by Dr. Lensink has been heavily researched, applied and proven to embody our cosmetic philosophy. Many of our staff members have received these treatments and can share their experiences with you. We are composed of patients, experts, and health care professionals who give you solutions. We only present these offerings as you need them and strive to live by the idea of naturally appearing treatments, all the time.


  • “I had a bit of work done last year. THANK YOU Dr. Daniel B Lensink MD Cosmetic Oculofacial Plastic Surgery, you and your staff are THE BEST.”

  • “You and your staff are amazing! You have a wonderful talent; it’s been a positive experience. You are the best and made me feel comfortable at all times!”

  • “Dear Dr. Lensink, What a beautiful thing you do to make the world (and your patients like me) more beautiful! Thank you for my surgery to update my aging face. I really appreciate your professionalism, kindness, and my results. Redding residents are fortunate to have a doctor of your caliber in our small community. Thank you so much!”

  • “I love my face. Men in their mid 30s-40s turn heads to smile and even talk to me – Cool!” (Age 68)

  • “You are all awesome! Thank you for making this experience so ‘enjoyable.’ I felt so cared for.”

  • “I know I’m not the easiest patient-with my OCD and multiple allergies-but you took on the challenge and got rid of my ‘bulldog jowls,’ for which I am grateful.”

  • “Thank you for being my personal cheer leaders before and after surgery. Your positive reinforcement, encouragement and kindness helped me through a really scary ordeal and I can’t imagine getting through it without all of you. Dr. Lensink is a very lucky doctor to have a back-up team like you.”

  • “Thank You! I really am so happy with the results! It was a great experience to work with you and your wonderful staff.”

  • “I have had so many compliments on my eye surgery. I can now tell what an excellent eye surgeon you are, and the extra procedure is now really noticed and appreciated.”

  • “You truly are a master of your craft.”


We’re Committed to You

Reasons for surgical and nonsurgical enhancements are an emotionally-based experience for many of you. After all, these cosmetic and often functional solutions have likely weighed heavily on you for years before deciding to make an appointment; the choice is now yours to feel confident and we will help you get there. Dr. Lensink understands these decisions are important to you. It is why he will work with you until you feel comfortable with your decision, have all your questions answered and have considered every possible option.

After each consultation, Dr. Lensink encourages you to head home with all the information he’s provided and to think about your ideal results and why you’re interested in these treatments. He is dedicated to you and respects your opinions and needs as an individual first.

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to schedule your treatment or procedure, Dr. Lensink and our team will set you up with a plan that’s entirely constructed and customized for you. We’re not interested in a one-size-fits-all approach, but individualized care that puts you at the top of the list. Whenever you need us, we’re there for you, so rest assured that you’ll feel supported and important to us every step of the way.

You won’t be forgotten once you’re through with your treatments and procedures, since we follow up with you over time to check in and make sure you’re taken care of and content with your results. Our staff members each have a unique personality and offer something extra to this practice with a fierce commitment to your happiness and well-being.

Get to know us one by one as we work with you before and after each session at Dr. Lensink’s office; each member of our team will be your treatment guide to aesthetic beauty, wellness and comprehensive satisfaction. From our family to yours, welcome!

Call Dr. Daniel B. Lensink’s office to schedule your consultation for naturally appearing surgical and nonsurgical results today at 530-229-7700. We won’t overdo it!