Brilliant Distinctions: Why You Need it NOW

Brilliant Distinctions: Why You Need it NOW

At Dr. Lensink’s office, we’re always thinking about new ways to help our patients get the most our of their cosmetic treatments. Under any treatment we provide with Dr. Lensink, we think first about the overall effects, such as how much time goes into each application with recovery and preparation, how many following treatments are required to see the results you’re looking for, and the benefits in aftercare. It is universal knowledge that nonsurgical cosmetic treatments are among the most popular anti-aging offerings in any cosmetic clinic, so we decided to bring our patients all the rewards that come with these treatments. Our cosmetic clinic is excited to share our participation in the latest rewards program offered by Allergan, the makers of your favorite anti-aging treatments, called Brilliant Distinctions. Whenever our patients sign up for the Brilliant Distinctions rewards network, you’ll be able to accumulate hard earned points with every antiwrinkle, anti-aging and beauty enhancement treatments including Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Latisse, and SkinMedica products.

What the Brilliant Distinctions Program Offers

Whenever our patients come in for their anti-aging, antiwrinkle or beauty enhancement treatments, we let them know that most of these require additional visits to either maintain the results you’ve achieved or to get to the final result as discussed with Dr. Lensink. Some of these treatments are affordable, and if they’re done every six months to a year, it’s manageable. However, if you need to retreat every few months or one single treatment’s costs are sizable, why not earn some rewards toward the next batch of applications? With this program, you can do just that, earn points and get discounts on a variety of other surprises. With each treatment using Botox, Juvederm, Latisse, SkinMedica products or Volbella, you earn special points depending on how much you elect to spend or how many units of a product you need.

Rack up points and sign up for exclusive sales that only Brilliant Distinctions rewards members know about. It’s not all just about specific cosmetic treatments, but other things in your life that you love. For example, you can be one of the first to know about deals with partnered companies like Godiva, jewelry companies, designer clothing brands, handbags and anything else you can think of that will help you show off the new you. These rewards are always changing, and since our clients have a variety of interests, Dr. Lensink is sure that each one of you will find something that you love. Our clients have found exclusive deals for restaurants, family outings and special activities they love to do in their free time.

How to Sign Up for Brilliant Distinctions

The sign-up process is simple, and we can help you do it right before your treatments with our helpful staff members. Every staff member at Dr. Lensink’s office knows about this program and is glad to sit down with you to explain it to you. To learn more about it on our website, click here or call Dr. Lensink’s office at 530-229-7700 to schedule your appointment.