A Closer Look at Aging

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A Closer Look at Aging

There are many places where you might start to notice signs of aging, but few are more revealing than the eyes. There are many ways how the passing of time can take their toll in this delicate area, but the good news is there are also treatments to address many of those symptoms. Dr. Lensink has the facts about aging you need to know and the latest procedures to reverse the signs and refresh your appearance.

Culprits in Aging

It isn’t just time that leads to that thinning skin and wrinkle formation. Other factors come into play, which can speed up the aging process much faster than you would like. Some of those variables include:


If you are outdoors without sunglasses much of the time, you might be squinting more frequently than you realize. That constant wrinkling of your eyes can lead to permanent wrinkling in the outer corners as crow’s feet form. Squinting can even cause creases to form between the eyebrows, which are commonly known as frown lines.

Sun Damage

In addition to constant squinting, lack of shades also exposes the sensitive skin around the eyes to excessive sun exposure and subsequent damage. Powerful UV rays strip the dermal structure of essential substances like elastin and collagen, which give skin its smooth, supple appearance. The thinner skin around the eyes can show the consequences of that damage in fine lines and skin laxity.

Lack of Quality Skin Care

The skin around the eyes needs replenishing of nutrients more critically than the skin on other areas of your face. Antioxidants and vitamins found in medical-grade skin care products typically provide that service, but if you are not using top-quality formulations, you may be cheating your skin out of the substances it needs to look and feel its best. Over time, that depletion can lead to a dull, tired tone, laxity and wrinkles.

Aging Symptoms (And What to do about Them)

Symptoms that occur when these aging culprits are present include:

Dark Circles

Those circles that appear underneath the eyes to make you look chronically tired often have a genetic component. They are due to thinning skin underneath the eyes that allows blood vessels to show through and create the darker appearance. SkinMedica products used before those signs of aging form can help to ward off dark circles for a much longer period. When they do finally occur, fillers can be used to provide subtle volume underneath the eyes that hides the discoloration.

Skin Laxity and Wrinkles

As collagen and elastin levels in the underlying dermal structure are depleted over time, the result is loose skin and the formation of lines and wrinkles. Thinning skin around the eyes only serves to exacerbate this problem. Dr. Lensink offers a variety of treatment options to refresh the eyes, tighten skin and smoothes away wrinkles, including Botox injections, fat transfer and laser skin resurfacing.

Puffiness and Hollowing

Dark circles aren’t the only problems that develop underneath the eyes; you might also notice puffiness and hollowing that makes you look both older and wearier than you feel. This problem is often due to the migration of fat pads underneath the eyes over time, intensified by the accumulation of loose skin and fatty deposits. To correct the problem, Dr. Lensink can use fat transfer to reverse the hollowing effect and eyelid surgery to remove excess skin and fat pockets, creating a smoother lower lid.

If changes to your eyes are making you self-conscious about your appearance, there are different procedures to reverse these effects and rejuvenate your look overall. To learn more about enhancing the eyes, contact Dr. Lensink’s office today at 530-229-7700.