Over 40? These Are the Anti-Aging Procedures for You

Over 40? These Are the Anti-Aging Procedures for You

Instead of dwelling on years that have long passed, think about all of the beautiful things the future holds for you. Aging doesn’t have to be a burden; in fact, you can still take control of your appearance in ways that appear natural and blend into your lifestyle. Patients that are at the beginning stages of premature aging work closely with Dr. Lensink to restore everything from tired eyes, loose skin in the face and neck, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Whether you’re thinking about a particular treatment like Botox or are considering minimally invasive surgery, we can help you find a solution. Rest easy and explore some of these anti-aging procedures:


In your mid-thirties, you may start to see a few wrinkles and fine lines in addition to differences in your skin’s texture and tone. Injectable treatments are non-detectable treatments that focus on specific wrinkles that most commonly appear in both men and women. Think of these injections as a vacation for the muscles in your forehead and those between your eyebrows. Botox interacts by blocking direct nerve impulses driving contraction, sent to these muscle fibers. If you’re just not ready to commit to surgery, then starting small with an injectable treatment like Botox is a great and effective alternative.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Cellular renewal for the skin is one of the important factors in how your skin ages over time. When you’re in your 40s, your cells don’t cycle through as quickly as they did when you were in your 20s. Laser skin resurfacing treats several skin conditions including acne scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles and sun damage. Dr. Lensink recommends laser resurfacing treatments if you’re finding your skin care products ineffective and are seeing deeper wrinkles such as jowls and crow’s feet. Once you’ve reduced inactive cells on the surface of your skin, healthier cells can shine through.

Eyelid Surgery

The tired look is out, and if you’re seeing hooding in the upper eyelids or bags becoming prominent, eyelid surgery is the solution for you. Not every patient will need surgery on the upper and lower lids, but each can be done separately as it applies to a decreased field of vision and the impact on your appearance. Most people are amazed by how much of a chance a minimally invasive surgery can provide.

ALMI Facial Fat Transfer

While fillers are a viable option to correct bags under the eyes, called tear trough depressions, Dr. Lensink’s ALMI facial fat transfer technique is all natural. Dermal fillers are temporary and chemically based which may not be the best option for you. But using your own filtered fat cells, derived from noninvasive liposuction, can address hollows in the face and under the eyes permanently. Dr. Lensink recommends this alternative treatment to help men and women reactivate natural growth factors that promote protein generation and increased volume.

Turning 40 doesn’t mean sacrificing your youthful glow. Get ready to wow them well into your 50s with these anti-aging treatments in consultation with Dr. Lensink at 530-229-7700.