The Fix for Aging Eyes

The Fix for Aging Eyes

Sagging of the skin around the eyes (known as dermatochalasis) is a relatively common concern for women and men, usually beginning in their mid-forties to early fifties. In addition to skin laxity, folding occurs from years of facial movement, because everyone relies on the muscle complexes around the eyes and in the forehead to show emotion. Depending on how you feel about wrinkles, a little wear on the skin will look normal to you as a natural side effect of aging, but if you’re someone that feels self-conscious about these minor changes, you’re probably wondering what action you can take.

Dr. Lensink is a firm believer in only seeking out cosmetic and surgical treatments when necessary, but he also recommends preventative methods to arrest the appearance of aging for as long as possible. The fix for aging eyes doesn’t come as a single solution, but multiple steps to fight the weakening of these soft tissues. Youthful eyes are characterized by a slightly upturned corner and lifted brows or reduced spacing in between your bottom lash line and the fullness of your cheeks, accented by full, long lashes. As soon as a hollow space forms beneath the lower eyelid, or wrinkles in the upper eyelid cause a down-turned corner, you may look older than you feel. We offer a variety of options to restore a youthful look to aging eyes that can be customized specifically for you.

Our Fix for Aging Eyes

Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

Tissues surrounding the eyes are some of the most sensitive, because of how delicate they are, even when you’re young. A little extra care will save you a few years of wrinkles and bags under the eyes, and possibly even drooping of the eyelids. But just in case your upper and lower eyelids start to sag, eyelid surgery could be an option for you.

Often this loose skin around the upper lids can affect your vision, and so Dr. Lensink can raise the eyelids and cut away the extra skin and fatty tissues. Lower eyelid surgery can also reduce the look of bags or hollow spaces. He will advise you to be as gentle as you can when applying creams or makeup to the eyes, and especially to resist the temptation to rub your eyes.

Laser Resurfacing

One of our favorite nonsurgical options to fix aging eyes is laser skin resurfacing. We use a CO2 laser to break through damaged skin cells, to refresh the skin and promote natural healing processes, reducing fine lines. Advanced wrinkles are softened by an increase in collagen and elastin production as new cells find their way to the surface.


If you’re not sure you need surgery, or just have minor wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and brows, Botox injections are quick and relatively painless. The best way to stop wrinkles from forming is to prevent muscle contractions through a safe neurotoxin injection. This treatment takes less than 20 minutes, and you’ll see your wrinkles fade temporarily in a few days. Botox can last up to four months.


Long, thick lashes will always be a mark of beauty, but if you’re someone that has thin or short eyelashes, Latisse will fix that. Latisse is a prescription-only serum that promotes eyelash growth by thickening and lengthening your eyelashes. It’s not a quick change, but you’ll see the difference over a few months of at-home applications that Dr. Lensink will demonstrate during consultation.

Now that you know that there are options to rejuvenate aging eyes, call Dr. Lensink’s office at (530) 229-7700 and let us help you find the option that is right for you.