The Longer, the Better: Latisse

The Longer, the Better: Latisse

Longer lashes are a mark of beauty, and they add something exotic to your natural features. So many people around the world view the eyes as doors to the inner you, your soul, but what about the walkway to get there—that’s where your gorgeous lashes come in! For those of us not naturally honored with long, lush, thick lashes, products are lining the shelves at the drug store to help your lashes stand out or offer artificial enhancement that’s merely temporary. What if there were ways to enhance growth, thickness, length, and the style of your eyelashes without spending countless dollars on mascaras and false lashes? We say the longer, the better with Latisse, our preferred prescription-only eyelash growth system that you can apply to your lashes at home and watch those babies grow. Dr. Lensink takes pride in offering his patients only the most natural of treatments so they can improve their look without overdoing it. 

How Latisse Can Help Make Your Lashes Amazing

Latisse helps patients with spotty growth and reduced pigment in their eyelashes naturally ignite growth. There is a particular condition that causes stunted growth or scattered lengthening of the eyelashes called hypotrichosis. This condition means that there may not have been any hair growth to begin with, which is a problem for many people; you can’t apply mascara to something that isn’t there in the first place. The initial problem for these patients is how to they find an easy way to help them invigorate some type of growth here to bring out these shy little hairs that add so much to our look.

Most people don’t ask these questions at all and others may feel embarrassed of the situation, but if you never ask then you’ll never know. Dr. Lensink’s patients are presented with every possible treatment they may need at that time, or if he notices their lack of lash growth in consultation for other offerings. There’s no reason to be embarrassed by your eyelashes, and we understand what it’s like to be self-conscious of these things

Latisse is Often Used for Lengthening, Thickening, and Darkening Lashes

Some of our patients also experience very light growth in their lashes, or the pigment of the hairs are much lighter than their eyebrows and hair color which can make them appear nonexistent. Latisse will help you increase eyelash lengthening and the pigment of your hairs over time with the application of a dedicated growth formula applied as a serum.

Latisse builds the foundation of your eyelashes by targeting these hairs in an active growth phase of the cycle. As these lashes grow and lengthen, some of them begin to darken and actually start to stand out as early as two months after use. That’s an amazing turnaround for lashes that never grew the way you wanted previously. The first changes you will see are the lashes you currently have present starting to grow, then as these thicken others will start to break through and thicken as they emerge from the skin.

How Do I Apply Latisse?

The only way you can get Latisse is through prescription by a licensed physician. Dr. Lensink can prescribe Latisse to patients right after their consultation so he can explain the use and expected results if needed. To start, you will need a few disposable brushes for application to apply a drop of the Latisse serum on the brush. We recommend applying the serum to the upper lids by applying a single drop into the overturned bottle cap. Dip the brush into the serum, brush it onto one upper lid. Dip the same brush into the cap again, and then apply it to the other upper lid. This allows you to do a single daily treatment with a single drop and brush, thereby making the Latisse last twice as long. Dr. Lensink will explain how long you need to apply your treatment of Latisse to see significant growth in your lashes.


Call Dr. Lensink’s office at (530) 229-7700 to learn more about Latisse for lashes and remember the longer, the better!