The One Area That Could Be Giving Away Your Age

The One Area That Could Be Giving Away Your Age

It is common for both men and women to experience a few tell-tale signs that age has come to call, but women often notice these changes sooner than men. These signs of aging are revealed as the integrity of the skin is reduced over time due to sun exposure, weather, skin care products, reduction in natural collagen production, and lifestyle choices. Your skin will likely become thinner than it once was, it will lose volume, and the slightest set of fine lines will begin to etch their way into your forehead, around the eyes, in between your brows and around the mouth.

However, it’s not necessary that these changes in your skin define your face permanently. At Dr. Lensink’s office, it’s our job to help you achieve the appearance you desire in a way that benefits your lifestyle. So we’ve decided to share one of the top anti-aging secrets and a few treatment suggestions to help you get there.

What are lip lines and what causes them?

The one area that could be giving away your age is the lower third of your face, the area around your mouth where lip lines and marionette lines form. If you’ve ever noticed small vertical lines starting at the top and bottom lips, these fine lines are known as lip lines. However small they may be, they’re not a small thing when it comes to younger looking skin. Youthful skin with fullness and elasticity can withstand continual muscle movement around the mouth to express emotions, as well as when eating, drinking, and speaking. For the most part, these lines around your lips are unavoidable as you get older because of gradual thinning of the skin and activities like plucking and waxing which can cause the skin to stretch.

The Solution

You might be someone that’s expressive and doesn’t take much notice of the facial expressions you make that can cause this area to become more stressed than it needs to be. Before any treatment becomes necessary, Dr. Lensink recommends making it a practice to relax the muscles around the mouth as often as you can to avoid intense lip lines. It’s a good idea to practice relaxing every muscle in your face a few times a day so that it becomes automatic. However, there comes a time when you may need some extra help eliminating lip lines. In this case, Dr. Lensink treats excessive lip lines with Volbella by Juvederm.


Dermal fillers are a quick and comfortable way to smooth over fine lines and folds in the skin, since they reintroduce lost volume to areas of the face where you may have experienced some tissue loss. In particular, Volbella was formulated for use in the lips to add volume and provide contour. Dr. Lensink will inject Volbella into the lips using a small needle around the lip border. As Volbella settles into the skin and lip tissue, the gel will work to soften lip lines and marionette lines that run down the chin from the corners of your lips. In just a few days you will notice these lines soften, so you’ll feel more confident and see your results last for up to one year.

After any dermal filler treatment, it’s important that you start using a dual moisturizer and sunscreen to protect the skin from photodamage that promotes the formation of wrinkles. To schedule your consultation for Volbella and learn how to minimize fine lines as you age, call Dr. Lensink’s office at 530-229-7700.