What Sets Dr. Lensink Apart from the Rest

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What Sets Dr. Lensink Apart from the Rest

When choosing a plastic surgeon for your procedure, you can’t ask too many questions or do too much research into the doctor you select. This professional holds your health, as well as your appearance, in their hands and you want those hands to be skilled as well as experienced. This applies in particular when pursuing facial procedures that can impact your function in addition to your looks. This is where Dr. Daniel Lensink truly stands apart from other surgeons in his field.

The Right Training

Dr. Lensink comes from a unique training background compared to other plastic surgeons in the Northwest. After earning his medical degree and doing an internship, Dr. Lensink chose a three-year residency in ophthalmology, or eye diseases and surgery. From there, he pursued a fellowship in ophthalmic plastic surgery, which is often referred to today as oculofacial plastic surgery. The subspecialty is primarily focused on surgery of the area around the eyes, but extends to the rest of the face as well.

Dr. Lensink’s training gives you peace of mind in knowing your procedure will be as safe as it is successful. With ample training in preserving the health of the eyes, even the most intricate eye surgeries are handled adeptly while Dr. Lensink focuses on helping you achieve your cosmetic goals. Dr. Lensink is distinctly unique in his training and ability, as there are few oculofacial plastic surgeons in California or surrounding states.

The Right Experience

Dr. Lensink is a plastic surgeon that specializes in facial procedures. This means he spends all his time enhancing the face, eyes and neck area, providing him with ample experience in just the procedures you want. This is a fluctuation from other plastic surgeons that offer a broad menu of procedure options, from eyelid surgery to breast enhancement. These surgeons may only perform a handful of facial procedures each month, while Dr. Lensink is completely immersed in these surgical techniques daily.

When your practice is hyper-focused on a single specialty, there is time to perfect technique and stay abreast of innovations in the field. As Dr. Lensink has gradually added procedures to his practice, all related to facial enhancement, he has had ample opportunity to learn processes inside and out that will give his patients superior results. Whether you choose a delicate eyelid enhancement or a quick injectable treatment, you will receive the highest level of care and the best possible outcome.

The Right Facility

Procedures performed right in a surgeon’s office are convenient, but are they as safe as surgeries done in accredited ambulatory surgery centers? When you choose Dr. Lensink for your procedure, you can rest assured that is the case. His office has been accredited by the California Medical Association’s Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ) as an office-based ambulatory surgery center. This distinction is recognized on a national level as a standard for high-quality health care.

In addition, Dr. Lensink’s office has earned Medicare Deemed Status, which puts their facility on par with the accreditation and licensure of freestanding ambulatory surgical centers. This is a much more stringent level of licensure regarding safety, infection control and quality assurance. Patients that have procedures at facilities with this status know the center is regulated regularly to ensure the safest level of patient care available today.

The Right Treatments

When you come to Dr. Lensink with your cosmetic goals in mind, he will offer you a procedure tailored to your precise needs. In some cases, this may mean a surgical procedure to enhance the eyes, midface or underneath the chin. Surgery for these concerns is done using minimally-invasive techniques to minimize discomfort, recovery time and visible scarring afterward.

Some patients do not need to undergo surgery to achieve the improvements they want. In these situations, Dr. Lensink offers a variety of nonsurgical options, from Botox injections to the revolutionary HydraFacial. Even the double chin can be treated without surgery in some patients, using the latest injectable option, Kybella. While it may seem like you are safe to choose any plastic surgeon for these procedures since the risks associated with them are lower, an experienced doctor will ensure the best possible results with the fewest potential side effects.

The Best Care

While skill and safety are the most important factors to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon, you also want to work with a doctor that will make you feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. Dr. Lensink and his staff are committed to ensuring their patients have a positive experience every time they visit the office. From your initial phone call to your last follow-up, we want all our patients to feel they have received the highest quality of care and service from our team.

Don’t trust your facial plastic surgery or your nonsurgical treatments to just any plastic surgeon. Contact Dr. Lensink’s office today at 530-229-7700 to schedule your consultation and find out why Dr. Lensink is a top choice for plastic surgeons in the Redding area.