What You Need to Know Before Your In-Office Procedure

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What You Need to Know Before Your In-Office Procedure

You know how important it is to choose the right plastic surgeon for your procedure, but did you know your choice of office is just as essential to ensuring a safe and successful surgery? Many procedures are performed right in the surgeon’s facility today, increasing the convenience of your treatment while lowering the cost somewhat. While these benefits are attractive, they pale in comparison to the peace-of-mind you can have going into your procedure knowing the center where you will be treated is fully accredited to accommodate your surgery.

Dr. Lensink ensures all his patient’s procedures are as safe, comfortable and convenient as possible. Even if you aren’t thinking about the safety of the facility when you book your appointment, he has done all the preparation necessary to create a secure and comfortable experience for you. The accreditation he has achieved for his in-office surgical suite is second-to- none, providing you with assurance to handle any situation as it arises before, during and after your procedure.

The Benefits of ASCs

Ambulatory surgical centers or ASCs have become a popular way for patients to receive a variety of procedures today without having to go to a hospital. These centers offer the same equipment and skilled staff of a hospital operating room but in a more personal, comfortable environment for patients. Patient satisfaction tends to be relatively high for these centers as they offer some of the following benefits over the hospital experience:

  • Greater comfort and a higher level of service
  • Convenience – patients are in and out faster at ASCs
  • Easier scheduling in many cases
  • Cost savings for patients

These benefits are primarily seen in ASCs that are properly accredited and certified. Unfortunately, any doctor can offer in-office procedures with just a medical license alone. However, that licensure does not give adequate information about the safety, equipment and sterility of their facility. That is where accreditation becomes a vital key to ensuring the best possible patient experience.

The Importance of Accreditation

When a facility becomes accredited, it means the center has agreed to abide by the highest standards of patient care. Accreditation is obtained through a rigorous evaluation process that a center voluntarily goes through to demonstrate their commitment to quality to their patients. Once the accreditation is awarded, the facility must continue to show adherence to the standards to keep that accreditation long term.

The Institute for Medical Quality

The Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ) is the branch of the California Medical Association (CMA) dedicated to ensuring quality within the state’s health care system. Since 1996, this organization has been making vital improvements across the healthcare continuum, including ensuring the safety and efficacy of ASCs. IMQ offers their ambulatory care review program for a variety of facilities beyond ASCs as well, using the same application, survey and decision process for all of them.

A Step Up: Medicare Deemed Status

In addition to basic accreditation, IMQ also offers Medicare deemed status for facilities that want to take the next step. This distinction was officially recognized in 2016, allowing IMQ to offer ASCs the accreditation necessary to offer services to Medicare patients. By achieving this status, Dr. Lensink’s facility is now considered on par with qualified ambulatory surgical centers, which ensures the highest standards of quality control, safety and infection control.

Making the Right Choice

The ability to schedule surgery at a variety of facilities today has created more choices for patients. You can select centers based on their level of specialty, such as Dr. Lensink’s office dedicated to plastic surgery. With a more convenient location in many cases, as well as more flexible scheduling, this option has become an attractive one for many patients, particularly those seeking elective procedures. However, the addition of ASCs has also raised questions about quality control and safety in regard to the many centers that have cropped up across the country in recent years. Just because a facility markets itself as a surgical center, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has taken the necessary steps to ensure the highest standards of patient care. Patients need to do a bit of additional research to ensure the office as well as the plastic surgeon is qualified for their procedure.

Dr. Lensink has taken the guesswork out of the process by subjecting his facility to the uppermost level of scrutiny to achieve the highest accreditation possible. His Medicare deemed status, as well as his accreditation by the IMQ, lets patients know they will be in safe hands when they choose to have their surgery with him. To learn more about our accreditations or the services we offer at our facility, contact Dr. Lensink’s office today at 530-229- 7700.