Prepare Your Skin for Every Challenge

At Dr. Lensink’s office, we make sure that you’re ready for any type of seasonal change to better protect your skin from all potential damage. SkinMedica is our top performing cosmeceutical skin care brand that addresses a variety of skin care concerns based on your unique skin type. Before you look to any invasive procedures to correct your skin irregularities or premature signs of aging, it’s essential that you have a dedicated skin care regimen in place.

Of course, after laser treatments or chemical peels and superficial facials, you’ll need cosmeceutical products that have been recommended by Dr. Lensink to replenish the skin with nutrients and growth factors, to support cellular regeneration, and so much more. Dr. Lensink stands by his recommendations for SkinMedica’s GRASS skin care regimen – it will help you achieve beautiful skin that responds well to these medically crafted products before and after your skin rejuvenation treatments.

SkinMedica created this line of products as a proven effective resource so that physicians could offer solutions for the specific skin care needs of their individual patients. Every patient that spends time in consultation with Dr. Lensink knows that he is a problem solver, only offering the treatments necessary to improve your quality of life. Specially formulated products like the GRASS skin care regimen from SkinMedica are an extension of his care that you can take home with you, gradually seeing an improvement with healthier, younger-looking skin.

SkinMedica’s GRASS skin care line is an acronym which stands for the following:

Growth factors



Specialty products

Sun protection

Over-the-counter skin care products don’t always address your unique needs – our patients often learn that these products are simply bad for your skin and a waste of your time and money. Many drugstore products promise to repair collagen, increase elasticity, and resurface the skin, but it’s nearly impossible to do when they’re nonspecific. Plus, these stand-alone products aren’t delivered as a step-by-step set so that you know what pairs well, what doesn’t, and how to create a regimen that improves your skin. GRASS is different – it pinpoints the necessary ingredients to support nourished skin cells at the deepest level.

  • Growth factors – needed to invigorate specific proteins in the skin (epidermal growth factors) that will rejuvenate the cells, create increased circulation by increasing the use of blood vessels, and reduce the ability for fine lines and wrinkles to form. If you’re looking to improve the tone and texture of your skin, growth factors are recommended. Some of the best SkinMedica products are the TNS Essential Serum, TNS Eye Repair, and TNS Recovery Complex, all of which are packed with growth factors.
  • Retinols – responsible for further improvement of skin texture and tone, as they exfoliate the skin to remove any damaged cells sitting on the surface. Remember that to treat deeper layers of the skin, we have to remove any obstacle in the way, which is accomplished gently using retinol.
  • Antioxidants – known for their ability to combat free radicals absorbed from your environment. Free radicals cause the skin to age because of oxidation that damages healthy cells, so they’re needed as a preventative measure to fight premature aging.
  • Specialty products – cosmetics + pharmaceuticals (known as cosmeceuticals) that work to reverse damage in the skin. These are products that are medically evaluated based on sensitivity, skin type, and more. Cosmeceuticals (like the GRASS products from SkinMedica) are specialty products that you can usually only purchase at a doctor’s office.
  • Sun protection – the first line of defense for your skin, because overexposure to the sun accelerates premature aging. Sun protection should be worn daily, and found in every skin care product you use. Without sun protection, your skin will wrinkle and become weak.

If you’re not sure what you need to address when it comes to the condition of your skin, our detailed skin care analysis will give you a few areas to focus on as we work to refresh your healthy skin cells. There’s no reason for you to waste time wondering which product will help you this time around when Dr. Lensink can offer his years of medical experience in oculofacial plastic surgery and skin care to find the answer.

Schedule your skin care consultation with Dr. Lensink at 530-229-7700, and get started on a GRASS regimen with SkinMedica.