Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures performed by Dr. Daniel B. Lensink are always minimally invasive and customized to fulfill your needs. Dr. Lensink is the surgeon that provides unique solutions to your anti-aging and functional concerns, having done so for decades. As a dedicated oculofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Lensink approaches facial rejuvenation techniques through an in-depth and focused perspective with an ease and transparency that many physicians are pressed to offer. Each surgical procedure is supported by extensive research and the latest technology aiming to reduce downtime, improve comfort, maximize safety and provide overall naturally appearing results that will last.

We’re Focused on You

Our surgical center and treatment clinic are structured to give you options when it comes time to schedule and prepare for your procedure so that you’re relaxed and feel confident in your decision without the stress of navigating complicated hospital hallways. Surgeries scheduled are on a singular basis within our surgery center, so Dr. Lensink can focus on and spend ample time with you that day. When you walk in on the day of your surgery, every face you meet with will be one you know from previous appointments and preparation weeks before. Your comfort is important to us at every step, and you can be sure that we will check in with you long after your procedure.

To learn more about each customized surgical procedure and the benefits, we recommended that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Lensink. During your surgical consultation, Dr. Lensink will talk through each problem with you and suggest a variety of surgical solutions to solve the issue. Surgical and nonsurgical procedures are paired based on expected results and convenience for your lifestyle.

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