The aging process can be cruel for men and women alike. However, aging is not something that only causes superficial wrinkles and loose skin on the surface – it also includes the shrinking of supportive tissue layers, allowing the appearance of mild to deep folds in the skin. Volume loss from the depletion of facial fat is now the problem to address when solving mild to moderate facial sagging. We want to restore the look of a fuller face while also providing stronger support underneath the skin for lasting results. It’s not enough to simply replace lost volume in the tissues using fillers – Dr. Daniel Lensink looks to rejuvenate not only the surface appearance of a younger face, but also to revitalize the cells at the root of the condition.

Using the ALMI procedure with a combination of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), Dr. Lensink can use your own fat cells to restore volume and revascularize the tissue, instead of using chemically enhanced dermal fillers for temporary enhancements. If you’re looking for a different type of facelift that presents a lower risk and is less invasive than traditional facelift procedures, ALMI may be the all-natural treatment to help you look and feel like yourself again.

ALMI or All-Me?

In many cosmetic surgery procedures we can transfer fat from one section of the body to another (such as the buttocks, thighs and breasts) to contour and restore volume. However, transferring this fat as it occurs naturally in the tissues doesn’t work for the face, since cells from these areas are far too large and are not in the proper form to have a truly beneficial effect. The ALMI procedure is a new technology named for the creation and filtering of large globules of fat cells into a transferable micronized fat product that can be injected into your facial tissues and molded to the areas where you need improvement.

Because these fat cells come directly from your body and are not chemically modified in any way, the risk for infection and rejection are removed; the body can adapt and easily incorporate this transfer of native tissue while making use of potent stem cells found in the micronized fat filtered through the ALMI system.

ALMI Improves:

  • Tone and texture of the skin
  • Restoration of lost volume
  • Circulation in the tissues
  • Contour and sagging skin
  • Folds and premature wrinkles

How does Dr. Lensink create this micronized cellular matrix?

Dr. Lensink performs the ALMI facelift in his clinic using local anesthesia, IV sedation, and prescription relaxation medication, ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure. When you’re ready for surgery, Dr. Lensink will mark the areas for fat extraction (which are commonly the umbilical area, under the chin, and flanks). Using a micro-cannula, he will make a small hole through which to perform minimally invasive liposuction, collecting the fat into a syringe. Once a few syringes of fat are taken from the body, Dr. Lensink will place them in a centrifuge to separate the micronized cellular matrix from any other fluid. At this time, he will also take a vial of blood from your arm to be centrifuged for ten minutes to extract platelet-rich plasma that will be used to introduce special growth factors into the emulsified fat solution.

As soon as the syringes of extracted fat cells are ready, Dr. Lensink will attach a special 2.4 mm filter to the end of the syringe containing the centrifuged fat cells and connect that to a new sterile syringe, creating a closed syringe fat harvesting system. Dr. Lensink will manually process fat through this filter exactly 30 times. He will then discard one empty syringe and the 2.4 mm filter, switching to a smaller filter (1.2 mm) to repeat the emulsification process once again. The last step in the emulsification process is to add your PRP into a specialized ACM filter through which Dr. Lensink will push fat cells to prepare the final micronized cellular matrix and PRP solution, ready for injection.

Why introduce PRP into the micronized fat?

Since the 1970s, PRP has been an organically derived healing serum that regenerates damaged tissues based on the concentration of growth factors (such as pericytes and stem cells) that speed up the body’s natural processes. By combining the regenerative properties of PRP with a micronized cellular matrix, we’re able to invigorate the stem cell activity found specifically in fat cells processed in this manner. This super serum and natural volume enhancement is the key to cellular regeneration in your facial tissues, sure to improve thinning and weakened skin.

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While dermal fillers are only temporary, this revolutionary ALMI facelift is permanent and invigorates the cells for lifelong tissue reconstruction. You’ll look younger and rejuvenated naturally without incisions or long recovery times, because Dr. Lensink is one of the few physicians that seeks out minimally invasive treatments that still offer significant benefits. Call to schedule your consultation for the ALMI facelift with Dr. Lensink today at 530-229-7700.