Double Chin Procedures

Looking in the mirror and seeing an extra pocket of fat underneath your chin that wasn’t there before is something that we all struggle with as we age or put on extra weight. Fat under the chin (or what we call the submental area) is commonly referred to as a ‘double chin.’ While diet and exercise seem like the most obvious trimming solution for some, you may be a victim of genetics; based on what we know about fat accumulation in the body, particular areas tend to attract adipose tissue if your parents carried excess fat there.

The frustration you feel when changing up your diet and adding workouts each week without any noticeable change in this submental fat is more common than you know. At Dr. Daniel Lensink’s office, we offer you options for reducing the appearance of your double chin. We perform both minimally invasive and surgical solutions, including liposuction and Kybella injections. While surgery is an excellent way to augment the body, especially when you want to see dramatic results, it’s not the only way to make changes to your look. Dr. Lensink will work with you to find a pleasing aesthetic solution to your double chin problem without extensive recovery or trauma to the area.

Discover Your Minimally Invasive Options

You may have thought that you needed more extensive work in order to contour the area under your chin. To provide the best result for sculpting submental fat, many plastic surgeons might recommend a full neck lift or facelift to remove excess fat and loose skin. A facelift or neck lift may help those with excessively lax tissues or severe fatty deposits under the chin and within the neck tissue, but with Dr. Lensink, there are alternatives to that approach as well. If you’re looking for an option that promises to reduce the time you spend in recovery, doesn’t require general anesthesia, and can offer similar results, why not look to minimally invasive procedures that keep your appearance natural and scar-free?

Liposuction and Kybella

During your consultation with Dr. Lensink, he will determine the location and amount of submental fat causing your double chin, and assess the condition of your skin to make sure these minimally invasive treatments will work for you. If you choose to undergo liposuction, ideally, your skin should be relatively elastic, and this particular procedure won’t leave any extra loose skin behind. Under the chin is an easy to sculpt area for Dr. Lensink, as he expertly uses a small 1.2 mm incision to insert a cannula and extract the fat into a syringe. The area is numbed using a local anesthetic before Dr. Lensink inserts the cannula, so you won’t feel anything during chin liposuction even though you will be awake; all it takes is a small hole to access and remove the fat causing your double chin. The chin will then be wrapped in a compression garment, and you’ll only need a couple of days to allow for the reduction of bruising and swelling.

To enhance the results of your double chin liposuction procedure, Dr. Lensink may recommend pairing liposuction with Kybella injections under the chin after you’ve had a few days of recovery. Kybella injections are made of a deoxycholic acid formula that works within submental fat to digest unwanted fat cells. If you choose to go this route, Dr. Lensink will monitor your surgical dressing and once the area is healed, will apply a temporary tattoo-like grid under the chin; the grid contains a series of multicolored dots that act as markers for points of injection.

The number of Kybella injections range from 20 to 50 in one session, depending on the amount of fat that needs to be eliminated. While these injections are effective and target the permanent destruction of fat cell membranes, they do require a series of treatments; you may only need two sessions, or require up to six to reach your desired look. Kybella injections can also be done without liposuction if you’re looking for something less invasive or have a small amount of contouring to be done. Whatever the case, Dr. Lensink will go over the benefits of each option and explain the steps in detail so you can be well informed and have ample time to make a decision before you schedule your procedure.

ALMI–Double Chin Transformed Into Volume

Additionally, once the submental fat is removed during your double chin procedure, you can elect to use it as part of Dr. Lensink’s ALMI all-natural volumizing treatment. This procedure processes and micronizes the fat so he can inject it into areas where you’ve lost volume – typically in the face and/or hands. You may be interested in adding ALMI to your chin procedure, since it can be done at the same time.

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